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Travelling by boat through the Delta area is a unique experience rich in strong emotions. Motorboats make tours through the Lagoons of Comacchio, down to the most fascinating sport where the river meets the sea. Tourists have the chance to discover a unique landscape dominated by the fragile balance between water and land, islands and shoals beaten by winds and waves and covered with thick reeds inhabited by many different bird species.
From spring to late autumn motorboats leave the harbours of Goro and Gorino to make suggestive tours along the river and past the lighthouse that marks the eastern boundary of the territory of Ferrara. The boats sail past the Isle of love ("Isola dell'amore"), the Shoal and the Inlet of Goro, among mussel growing areas and boats fishing for gilthead, grey mullet, sea bass and eel. Other boat-tours sail upwards along the river to the loops in the Venetia region, where the silence is broken only by bird calls.
Motorboats leave also from the Mouth of the Volano Po, sailing through "Taglio della Falce" and along the canal to Goro. In the summer fishing boats take tourists from Porto Garibaldi to deep-sea fishing for tuna and mackerel or up to the heart of the Po Delta, north from the seaside resorts.
From "Casone Foce", a few kilometres south of Comacchio, small boats sail on the lagoons taking tourists to the heart of this extraordinary natural environment. The excursion can include a stop at some of the old fishing houses now turned into museums on the life in the lagoon and eel fishing.

Motorboats with tourist excursions to start from:
  • Porto Garibaldi
    Albatros (Burden 80 persons), phone 0533 325010
    Andrea Doria (Burden 60 persons), phone 0533 313514, 339 7025757
    Melissa (Burden 250 persons), phone 368 3415477
    Delfinus (Burden 150 persons), phone 0533 325102
    Vichingo (Burden 60 person), phone 0533 326272
  • Canneviè (Lido Volano)
    Vaporetto Adriatica (Burden 90 persons), phone 0533 714648
  • Gorino
    Freccia del Po (Burden 56 persons)
    Freccia del Delta (Burden 150 persons), phone 0533 999817
    Principessa (Burden 300 persons), phone 0533 999815
    Alessio (motoscafo, Burden 20 persons), phone 0533 999576
    Rodry (Burden 45 persons), phone 336 363322
  • Goro
    Cristiana (Burden 60 persons), phone 0533 996448