Stretching from the Po of Goro to the mouth of the river Reno the Po Delta Park, within the boundaries of the territory of Ferrara, is a wide area surrounded by the green of ancient woods, pinewoods and natural oases accompanied by beautiful works of art as the Abbey of Pomposa and the city of Comacchio with its lagoons.

This is a unique and multi-faceted environment created by water, which leaves its marks everywhere through rivers, canals, lagoons, the sea and land, risen above sea level. This is the ectraordinary landscape of a land reclaimed from ancient waters.
Water and land coexist in a fragile balance between what has risen above the water and what is still underneath. Every season of the year gives the landscape new colours and fragrances. The low line of the sky on the flat land, broken only by the flight of many birds, fascinates the visitor with a unique experience.

The Park stretches from the holm oak wood of Mesola, home to the deer of the dunes, to the lagoons of Comacchio, the ideal habitat for many fish species and aquatic birds, the environment of exceptional importance for the nesting of aquatic birds, as well as for the rich fish fauna, dominated by the eel. In the Po Delta Park the visitor can take a glimpse of enchanted places of the past that have remained unchanged over the centuries.

This landscape of land and water is created by the interaction between man and nature, the action of time and the meticulous work of the local people, who have reclaimed their land through the centuries, wisely distinguishing between environmental protection and land exploitation for economic purposes. For this reason the Po Delta is considered "an exceptional cultural landscape planned to maintain its original form", as stated in the explanation for its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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Abbey of Pomposa

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