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  • Clothing, fruit and vegetables market
    There is a market in every lido/town, every week on the same from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm
Monday LIDO DI SPINA (June - Septem)
Tuesday SAN GIUSEPPE (all year)
Wednesday COMACCHIO (all year)
Thursday PORTO GARIBALDI (all year)
Friday LIDO DI POMPOSA (June - middle of September)
Saturday LIDO DEGLI ESTENSI (Mai - September)
Sunday LIDO DELLE NAZIONI (all year)


Fish market
Porto Garibaldi hosts a lively fish market, open every working day from early morning, when fishing boats come back to the port. The variety of fish sold at the market is incredible: fresh water fish, sea water fish, as well as species living in mixed or brackish waters, a grey mullet and goby. Shellfish species are also numerous, often sold when still alive: scallops, shrimps of the marshes, mantis prawns, clams and obviously eel.