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Universally acknowledged as one of the world's jewels, the city of Venice comprises a mainland area as well as 118 small islands within a lagoon on the Adriatic sea in north-eastern Italy. Outstanding Gothic, Romanesque, and Byzantine buildings attest to the city's glorious past as the unchallenged broker of east-west commerce, lasting over the centuries until the Portuguese discovery of an all-water route to the Far East around Africa.

Numerical curiositys of old town
lo sapevate che a Venezia ci sono...

  • 354     bridges
  • 177     rivulets and canals
  • 153     churchs
  • 127     places (campi)
  • 38     parish churchs

And now some history...
  • march 25, 421a.D.     Legendary foundation of Venice
  • 697     Election of the first doge (duke): Paoluccio Anafesto
  • 828     The presumed relics of St Mark the Evangelist, who will become the city's patron saint, are taken from Alexandria in Egypt to Venice
  • 1104     Beginning of the building of the Arsenale, the huge shipyards where the State will have both its merchant and war ships built
  • 1202-1204     Venetian participation in the 4th crusade which marks the undisputed maritime supremacy of the Republic over the Eastern Mediterranean
  • 1271     Marco Polo arrives at Peking, the capital of Kublai Khan, the Great Khan then reigning
  • 1297     Restriction of the Maggior Consiglio, during Pietro Gradenigo's dukedom: Venice, a former commune (city state), turns into a hereditary oligarchy
  • 1381     The Chioggia war: end of the contrast between Genoa and Venice, the two Repubbliche marinare (republics based on sea supremacy). By the Turin Treaty Venice comes out the winner
  • 1470     The printing industry is born in Venice thanks to the Manutius family
  • 1509     Venice defeated at Agnadello by the French, led by Louis XII
  • 1575     Beginning of the plague which will reap about 50,000 victims out of an urban population amounting to about 175,000 inhabitants: on this occasion the Redentore Church, designed by Palladio, is built
  • 1588     The foundation stone of the new Rialto Bridge, designed by Jacopo da Ponte, is laid
  • 1615-17     The Gradisca war between Venice and Austria
  • 1630     The Salute Basilica, designed by Baldassarre Longhena, is built to fulfil a vow made during that year's plague
  • 1669     Francesco Morosini, future doge, makes peace with the Turk after yielding the island of Candia
  • 1746     Sailing in Piazza San Marco flooded by acqua alta (very high tide)
  • 1789     Ludovico Manin, the last doge, is elected
  • 1797     Last session of the Gran Consiglio
  • October 17, 1797     The Campoformio Treaty: Venice is ceded to Austria
  • 1829     Venice becomes a free port
  • 1846     The first train crosses the lagoon over the railway bridge
  • 1866     Venice is set free and rejoins Italy
  • 22 April 1895     Inauguration of the first Biennale of Contemporary Art
  • 25 April 1933     Inauguration of the bridge for vehicles across the lagoon
  • November 4, 1966     Venice is flooded by an exceptional high tide