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Art’s cities

Ie seven Lidos of Comacchio are located in the middle of a circle of interesting cities of art. Their geographical position favours excursions to culture-historical cities like Venice, Ferrara, Ravenna, San Marino and Bologna, as well as the Abbey of Pomposa. It is also possible to make trips to nature-historical places like Forest of Mesola, Delta of River Po or Comacchio with its lagoons - an open-air museum.

complesso architettonico Trepponti di Comacchio


Comacchio preserves intact the characteristic of a lagoon city, with its waters that run through it far and wide and for a certain distance encircle it as it once did

Castello Estense


The origins of Ferrara are shrouded in mystery. His name appeared for the first time in a document of the year 753, issued by the Lombard king Desiderius.

Tomba di Dante inlustre poeta


Ravenna is famous all over the world for its mosaics. It shines with the light of small glass tesserae and hands down to us the testimony of centuries that elsewhere said they were "dark".